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MOOCing forward

We’re working hard to transform our reworks site into an active Massive Open Online Course focussed on Art and Reconciliation. This will be a no-fee, non-credit course whose purpose will be to create a learning and sharing platform where all participants can become better informed on the various histories, contexts, and politics that surround the topic of Truth and Reconciliation. Our particular lens will be on artistic practice, and one of our major contributing events will be an ongoing arts residency, with twelve participants coming to Kamloops to work in the Thompson River University visual arts studios, for a four-week program. More on this soon, and we hope/plan to have these artists contributing dialogue to this MOOC, through their own posts but also through various forms of video and photo examples of their ongoing processes.

Check back soon for the full-on development of this site, including sign-on details. Oh, and because of the nature of the project, folks can sign in (and out) at any time and there is neither a fee nor credit assigned to the MOOC. It’s expected, though, that profs and students who are participating in for-credit undergrad and grad courses at various institutions can use this platform to develop ideas, potential research assignments, and fruitful dialogues they can bring into their existing courses.

More soon….