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Visiting Shingwauk and Algoma

Shingwauk Hall

Productive day today, flying into Sault Ste Marie with Steve Loft and touring Algoma University as well as the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre. Such a powerful history to consider when we descend upon the site Sept 27 for the two-day symposium, followed by five days of artistic incubation. I’m particularly intrigued by how the physical space will affect the type of work and interest of the artists who will be in this short-tern residency from Sept 29-Oct 3, and what will spring from that. We also toured the downtown of the Soo and discovered a nunber of further exciting sites, not the least of which was the Windsor Hotel, used by Algoma as an off-site residency and featuring a ballroom and a decor that leaps out of a period film. We’ll reflect on all we saw and begin to determine how best to proceed with the various events as we approach the starting date.

– ashok

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