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ReWorks goes live

An exciting and invigorating day, just a fortnight before we all descend on the Soo for the reconciliation work(s) in progress symposium and incubation. We tripped the lights on this reworksinprogress.ca site at noon today (PST), promoting through facebook, twitter, email lists, and all other forms of social media that came to mind. This included ripping a qr code (that’s it on the left) that we can use for site promo — feel free to distribute to interested parties — and a series of facebook ads and commentaries that will show up to those who have expressed interest in truth/recon discourses. While we don’t anticipate growing the numbers in attendance at the symposium by very much, owing to time and distance, we do hope a significant group of folks will check in to the reworks site periodically to investigate developments. This site will grow, too, during the incubation as we try to feature not just the showcased work of attending artists, but the ongoing work(s) in progress and associated questions, problems, and concerns. To that end, if folks have any thoughts toward said development, please do let us know — a comment or note would be most valuable and quite appreciated. And onward we go.


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  1. Very excited to see coverage of the participating artists and speakers!

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