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Opening day of reworks

Poster on Queen Street, downtown Soo

History in the chapel

The first afternoon and evening of the reworks gathering, off to a stunning start. Couldn’t get by, though, without first noting how the more things change, the more, well…. This is a movie poster from a somewhat dated film (and concept) found on Queen Street in the downtown of the Soo. Saw this while wandering with David Garneau (our keynote tomorrow), Steve Loft (one of our curatorial organizers) Ayumi Goto (fresh from finishing the written component of her comps only yesterday), and Robinder Sehdev (who some of you will have seen published in Cultivating Canada).

But that is the small of it. The large is the site we’re on, and we have Don Jackson, a tireless worker and organizer here on the Algoma campus, to thank for the tour he gave our group members this afternoon. As always, he was engaged, articulate, and passionate about his work. And as always, a pleasure to have here as such a foundation. That’s him at the pulpit (or almost) regaling our crowd with some of the histories that came to shape Shingwauk. A reverse shot looks out at the street on a beautiful fall day, framed by a church entrance that has seen many histories pass through its doors, undoubtedly.

We finished off the tours and then moved to talks and performances that told further stories of the land and its people. A powerful way to start to comprehend a lot of the pasts that create our presents, formational in their intricacy, and sometimes ugly detail.

We close in a short bit with a celebration. A launch of the Reconcile This! issue of West Coast Line. We’ve had the online version up for a while but this is the first display and distribution of the hardcopy version, wonderful of design and powerful of content. This truly allows us new ways of considering those pasts and how they might develop our futures.

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