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Days of incubation

It’s been a fired up few days, our group of artists meeting, contemplating, performing, creating, here at the Rework(s) in progress incubation. So much to say, to write, to move with poetry and image, but still such unspoken spaces. Here, a few images from our Monday afternoon gathering, where Leah Decter took the piece she’s been working on with Jaimie Isaac, who couldn’t join us this time as she’s just had a baby!, entitled (official denial) trade value in progress, a project where folks are encouraged to comment upon a Stephen Harper statement denying the existence of colonialism in Canada. These statements are sewed into the fabric of several Hudson’s Bay blankets, a palimpsest of history and that which has come before us.

(official denial) trade value in progress, outside Shingwauk Hall

official denial, a closer look

official denial, under the maple tree, Shingwauk

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