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Photo: Ashok Mathur

The Reconciliation Works in Progress symposium and artists incubation has ended, but I am still vibrating with ideas, new and old friendships, possibilities. Even though the events are complete, people seem to remain charged. Returning to our respective homes, the energy seems to continue—a buzz rippling through social media and day to day conversation. I keep hearing from folks in Vancouver who’ve been following the dialogue across Facebook, Twitter, art and poetry circles.

Stay tuned for more images, discourse and dialogue. The organizers are working to build out phase 2 in order to share more of the amazing work / thinking going into and coming out of the gathering.

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This post was written by Glen Lowry

  1. still sitting silent grieving deep losses of residential school grateful for the only possible comfort of truths spoken, grateful that we could sit together, listen and be heard

    in the middle of the night james sent me his new territory on the other side a one line “cree-ku”

    fist melting in snow

    thank you to those who shared their anger
    it helped (thank you especially to Steve Loft for the impeccability of your anger)

    thank you to Chief Shirley Horn for her insights generousity and desire to grow seeds; it was a priviledge. i hope we come together to collaborate.

    thank you to those of you who made the experience possible!

    and let me know what moves forward from here

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