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Facilitating team

A good number of academics, writers, artists, and public intellectuals will form the facilitating grid for this MOOC. While we do not see ourselves as instructors per se, we each carry forward a specific frame of knowledge regarding this subject, and we intend to share and learn along with the other participants. This list will grow as we enter into the MOOC frame.

Trina Bolam, Ottawa
Chris Bose, Kamloops
Jonathan Dewar, Sault Ste Marie
Leah Decter, Kingston
Stephen Foster, Kelowna
David Garneau, Regina
Mimi Gelman, Vancouver
Gabrielle Hill, Vancouver
Jaimie Isaac, Winnipeg
David Jefferess, Kelowna
Allison Hargreaves, Kelowna
Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Toronto
Steve Loft, Toronto
Glen Lowry, Vancouver
Sophie McCall, Burnaby
Ashok Mathur, Kamloops
Keavy Martin, Edmonton
Peter Morin, Victoria
Dylan Robinson, Vancouver
Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair, Winnipeg
Aruna Srivastava, Calgary
Adrian Stimson, Saskatoon
Tania Willard, Chase