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Following the two-day symposium with shared research presentations, position papers, and/or artist talks, we held a five-day ‘artistic incubation’ where we showed/shared artistic works in progress that addressed, in some manner, the themes identified.  This exhibition of works in progress was led by team members with senior-level expertise in curatorial practice and provided public and private spaces for artists to further explore their own methods and practice. This also contributed to the collective, collaborative research aims to work toward the development and dissemination of knowledge that explores theories and practices of reconciliation, generally, and from arts-based perspectives. Incubation videos.




Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm
Chris Bose
Chris Creighton-Kelly
Leah Decter
Rachelle Dickenson
Vanessa Dion Fletcher
Stephen Foster
Gabe Hill
Jaimie Isaac
David Garneau
Ayumi Goto
Elwood Jimmy
Peter Morin
Cecily Nicholson
Karine Ng
Jayce Salloum
Adrian Stimson
France Trepanier
Bo Yeung
Facilitators: Steve Loft, Ashok Mathur