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WEST COAST LINE 74 || Reconcile This!

Tania Williard cover image

Cover by Tania Willard
PDF version of Reconcile This


4—introduction || Jonathan Dewar and Ayumi Goto

12—Alex Janvier: Reflections  (remarks and interview) || Interviewed by Jonathan Dewar

22—Residency with Gallery Gachet 2008 || Tania Willard

28—Imaginary Spaces of Conciliation and Reconciliation || David Garneau

38—Reconciliation… Really? from Macdonald to Harper: A Legacy of Colonial Violence || Steven Loft

46—Pick Up Sticks || Nigit’stil Norbert

54—Heather Igloliorte: A Conversation with Jonathan Dewar

66—Suffer Little Children || Adrian Stimson

78—Writing Landscape || Vanessa Dion Fletcher

86—Ravens Flying upside and other stories || Peter Morin

92—Songlines, Stories and Community Engagement—a Conversation with
Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Elwood Jimmy and  Chris Bose

106—Little Notebook || Bo Yeung

122—Crossing Water and Ground beneath My Feet || Cecily Nicholson
136—Father’s Day: The Missing Conversation || Jeff Thomas

146—Risky Business || Meeka Morgan, Karine Ng and Jayce Salloum

160—(OfficiaL Denial) Trade Value in Progress: Unsettling Narratives || Leah Decter and Jaimie Isaac